sonic video installation at 5 days off by Mike Rijnierse / Jan Trützschler von Falkenstein

A sonic video installation for 5 days off at Montevideo by Mike Rijnierse and Jan Trützschler von Falkenstein is being created with technical support by Software involved: SuperCollider, Processing

Feb 18, 2010

secretly developing iPhone Apps

Since beginning of 2009 is developing iPhone Apps for various clients. Need someone to create and develop an App? Don't hesitate to contact us: info at sampleAndHold dot org .

Jan 05, 2010

gliss on TeaTracks

Gliss is now out on’s new label TeaTracks . Gliss is a new music App for the iPhone, which lets you draw music in a very intuitive way. Check it out!

Jan 05, 2010


sampleAndHold supports Synae at the Gaswerk and E-Werk Weimar with experimental electronic music by JT von Falkenstein

Jun 03, 2009


The Manta. It’s not a car, nor a fish, but an amazing new sound interface made, which connects via USB. Made by Snyderphonics in New York. SampleAndHold’s OSX standalone, which grabs Manta’s data and redistributes it via OSC and MIDI is on its way. More updates soon …

Apr 23, 2009

TeaTracks RC1

Finally a first release candidate of TeaTracks, a multitrack sequencer for SuperCollider, can be downloaded here . It needs SC 3.3. A standalone for OSC scheduling will be available soon. Unfortunately (due to some bugs? in SwingOSC) the GUI is currently broken in SwingOSC, thus no Linux, Windows compatibility for now.

Apr 11, 2009

MX-Thueringen at EXPO REAL Munich

A custom version (osc – enhanced) of our sequencer teatracks supports optoyz’ fabulous 7 screen video installation at the EXPO REAL in Munich. Read for more info: .

Oct 08, 2008

concerning time we remain, divided

a GIS-based sound installation and sculpture on population growth patterns in Jerusalem. Consulting and software development for an installation by Tom Tlalim’s and Liran Chechick . To be seen & listened to at the 11th Biennale Architecture in Venice.

Sep 08, 2008

new website under construction

Hi and thanks for dropping by. This is our new website and it's still under construction - slowly filling it up with information. Anyway, you can find some reference projects here ...

Jun 23, 2008


I just retrieved my first web page dated from 1995! Featuring some instructions on hardware-hacking. Back then a german fastfood chain gave away a 303 gimmick, which could be easlily misused to generate some weird pitched rhythms. Unfortunately the sound examples did not survive in the archives.

Jul 16, 2008


smr-t (smarty) (2008) is an application (OS -X), that can write and read data (a String) to/from a smart card. Also controllable via OSC. The program was developed for the project Social Networking AR (with Mike van der Noordt and Satoshi Shiraishi) in <> tag. If you’re interested in using this software drop us a line.

Jun 23, 2008


2008 we joined MXAV at the induction at Gaswerk Weimar.

Jul 01, 2008


monome The monome is a great controller open for everything! I got myself a kit and made a box at the waag’s fablab. Read the report here. And have a look at the photos.

Jun 23, 2008

interactive music environment for Loos Ensemble

2007: development of a composition / improvisation / perforamce environment for Loos Ensemble using SuperCollider more …

Jun 03, 2008


2008: development of an audio sequencer (multitracker) for visually impaired together with Julio D’Escrivan from Anglia Ruskin University Cambridge for more info read the report.

Jun 03, 2008

collab 2008

supported the Collab workshop at Piet Zwart Institute, Amsterdam digital shadow more …

Jun 03, 2008

osc sequencer

2008: OSC tracker (teamx) for ITB with MXAV more …

Jun 03, 2008

SuperCollider Symposium 2007

2007: organised the SCSymposium supported by DCR, Studio Loos, City of Den Haag (OCW), STEIM and The Institute of Sonology.

more …

Jun 03, 2008

space between

gps data visuaiization Space Between (2007) was a workshop on locative media organized by the Waag Society and Dance Unlimited . The picture shows a visualization of the gps data of four participant, who were exploring the Nieuwe Markt in Amsterdam.

more …

Jun 23, 2008

sonic kitchen

audio production for the sonic kitchen (2006/2007)

more …

Jun 03, 2008

Nikola Irmer - webdesign

Nikola Irmer is a painter based in Berlin. SampleAndHold created her website.

more …

Jun 23, 2008

wavefield synthesis

IMG_3614 software development (the audio sync) for the wavefield synthesis project 192 speaker experience by game of life together with Wouter Snoei.

more …

Jun 03, 2008


made MXWendler – the ultimate vj-software – ready for OSX, project builder and UB in 2005/2006

more …

Jun 03, 2008

video sync

developed a synced video player for 5 (or more) apple computer. seen at Messe Frankfurt AML Licht + Design more …

Jun 03, 2008